El Tri fulfills his task; FIFA date in Charlotte

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The second half was invigorating for Mexico. Like a bolt of lightning the goals fell against Ghana and with that victory was declared, but there was none.

Perhaps Hirving Lozano scored again with the National Team, his second of the year after the turbulent closing of the tournament with Naples and his transfer to PSV.

Also refreshing was having César Chino Huerta on the field, who spiced up the game with an assist to Uriel Antuna who, from running so much, already caught some.

The fans packed the Bank of America stadium in Charlotte with a full attendance, like in the old days of harmony, which Jaime Lozano seems to return to the point of passion with his panache, although his team on the field at times does not close the circles However, people forget about the demands and even in a tasteless victory the spontaneous ones sneaked onto the field.

It is difficult to predict whether Lozano will vary his scheme, even though he has main references. He brought Edson Álvarez back into contention, who delivered results by shooting and capturing the rebounds.

He trusted the duo Erick Sánchez and Luis Chávez who, being a tandem from Pachuca, play with their eyes closed and put the lead in Raúl Jiménez who regains sensations by giving rabona passes. For the game against Germany it is inevitable to use the best Mexican scorer, Santiago Giménez, who barely touched the ball in this match, even though Ghana represented something of little use.

Satisfied with the headlines

Jaime Lozano praised the participation of Hirving Chucky Lozano, crowned with a goal against Ghana.

“He is someone very committed, who always wants to help the team and seeks to get to the World Cup to do things better than they have been done recently.”

He clarified that the decision to start Raúl Jiménez was based on what he saw of the rival in turn, "he is having a good time and with the other two forwards that I brought in, a nice competition has been put together."

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