El Tri, 55 years… and long live rock and roll!

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The symbol of victory, love and peace, was raised last night in the hands of 17 thousand attendees at the celebration for the 55 years of the Mexican band led by the legendary Álex Lora, El Tri, at the Mexico City Arena.

The noisers greeted the band and there was no shortage of energetic shouts of “culero, culero!”, not as a sign of offense, but as the same language, between spectators and musicians, to express their rebellion and hasten the start of rock.

At 7:30 p.m., a video with the story of El Tri and Álex Lora was projected on the screens and showcased a career that has given identity to many generations and has been a “cornerstone of national rock.”

But before rocking out, a ritual with Aztec dancers to ask permission from the gods of the Universe sanctified the stage and Lora, 70, appeared running, from one side to the other, with her guitar.

His voice was not heard. The microphone failed right in the first phrases of her singing her Spanish version of Three Souls Boogiethe one included in his album Wave boyin 1976.

However, after the respective whistle, in the middle of the song, the microphone revealed Lora's voice and her skill with the lyre, which excited the Arena.

Let's applaud these great dancers! "Are we being happy?" Lora asked before a resounding "yes."

It would be a real suck, an asshole, if tonight, when we are celebrating 55 years of Mexico's rock and roll for the world, we don't sing the one that says: 'Mexicans to the war cry,'” and so the National Anthem continued to be sung, with the tricolor flag on one side and the image of Guadalupana on the other, and asking his people, whom he affectionately calls “race,” to sing it along with him, but “with eggs.”

Afterwards, he launched his own cry for Independence.

Mexicans, long live the heroes who gave us our homeland! Long live Hidalgo and Morelos! Long live Villa and Zapata! Screw your mother to the fucking political sons of bitches! It's when the race says: 'Fuck it, screw it!'.

Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe! Long live Mexico bastards! Long live Mexico! And long live rock and roll! "He expressed it with open shouts and the applause came from all sides, only to end in The coolest breed.

He again thanked the race for attending the celebration, before All for rock and roll.

What I want right now is to hear the race with this nonsense,” he requested and the clapping obeyed the rhythm of the song.


A rock and roll party of this magnitude could not be celebrated without guests. And the first was Toño Lira, with whom he performed Maria and Long live rock and roll.

It's not just any fucking day that you turn 55 years old. That's why we have very cool guests,” and in response to such a presentation, Lira thanked him with “Congratulations, teacher!”

After And again, black and stray dog and The little boy —yes, the one from “the gacha movie”—, and before reminding his mother that he was at the CDMX Arena, he introduced Aleks Syntek, who was not spared a cordial greeting from the people, with a “culero, culero !” and also a “chucka tu madre”.

But he endured the reception, congratulated his friend and they sang Some want to go up.

Thanks to the whole band. Syntek, on the anniversary of El Tri! We can't leave without mentioning the mother to my namesake," Lora asked and Syntek was fired as is, but not before singing a fragment of a ketchup advertising song, which was famous in his voice, and of which he said: " “These guys from TikTok who owe me money and they screwed me.”

After The handicapped, the time has come to send another greeting to the rulers. You know how.

Difficult and The owner of the world They were the prelude to his tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe, because “we would not be here celebrating if it were not for the blessing of La Morenita.”

Thus, accompanied by the María Mater choir, which sang a fragment of the Ave Maria and The fishermaninterpreted Brunette Virgin and Only God.

Hey bartender, along with the “marijuana cherub ballet”, that is, the dance of the people, played before other guests, Next-Leprosy, to listen Sarah and With guts of heartto the rhythm of metal.

It seems easy gave way to Benito and his Sonora, with The constrictorbut not before Álex Lorad took a drink from his tricolor bottle, and then heard this song “my heart is for El Tri.”

By then, the eyes of the attendees, many of them dressed in black, seemed like glass, shiny and dilated, and their dance steps were either the clumsiest or the most creative, thanks to the effect of more than one beer on their respective systems. . And there was no shortage of those who had to be removed due to the bad glass effect, while the air was filled with the smell of alcoholic fermentation of processed barley.

With Cirilo, from Spain, he sang rock mindbut it was the next guest who generated the greatest euphoria: Moderatto, who joined the celebration, before his next farewell and disintegration, to sing Wave guy. And they also received a pleasant welcome, while the race prepared to jump.

Today we celebrate El Tri from Mexico, damned sinners! Shake your balls! I need a lot of noise! “Let it be heard for Álex Lora, damned sinners,” shouted Jay de la Cueva, the singer. And just as the Metal Detector left, Edén Muñoz joined the party with poor dreamer.

At press time, a fan got engaged to his girlfriend and Lora gave her blessing. “May her love last a lifetime,” said Lora, for “true rock and roll love and for love.”

And the arrival of Celia Lora was also expected to accompany her lord with Sad song, ADO, When you are not here and The Rolling Stonesone of the most anticipated by fans of the group that loves to end shows close to midnight.

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