El Toto, leader of the Gulf Cartel cell, dedicated to stealing electricity with 'little devils', falls

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Within an operation carried out by elements of the Mexican Army, National Guard and General Investigation Unit of Tamaulipas, a leader of a criminal cell belonging to the Gulf Cartel was arrested in Ciudad Victoria and whose purpose was to obtain money with fees from businesses and private homes. who placed “little devils” on the meters of the Federal Electricity Commission.

The arrest occurred in the Bertha del Avellano neighborhood, south west of the state capital.

“As a result, the arrest of the target of violence generator José Cuauhtémoc Valdez González, “El Toto”, was achieved, who had an arrest warrant for attempted homicide against employees of the Federal Electricity Commission,” Jorge said. Cuellar Montoya, head of the Tamaulipas Security Spokesperson.

The operation was carried out early in the morning, closing several blocks of a house.

“In the property, electricity meters, a cap with the initials of the Gulf Cartel with the legend 35 Jefe Toto, as well as a Nissan Altima Sedan, a Charger among other things were seized.”

The arrest is based on an arrest warrant issued by a district judge for the crime of attempted homicide.

The crime for which he was accused was committed on May 12, 2023 in the Villa Jardín subdivision and although the state authority did not explain it, sources from another security department assured that the now detained man attacked two CFE workers with bullets and a Federal Ministerial agent when they came to remove “the little devils” from a negotiation.

Criminal groups keep businesses or private homes on a fee through CFE accomplices who are willing to “bypass” the electricity meters so that the merchant or citizen pays less than what they consume.

Cuellar Montoya assured that the detainee had an initial hearing, an accusation was made against him and the control judge officially imposed preventive detention on him to be carried out at the CEDES in Ciudad Victoria.

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