Eight people die in a police operation in Rio de Janeiro | News

Around eight people died this Friday in the Vila Cruzeiro favela in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, during a police operation carried out to capture drug traffickers.


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At 04:30 local time this Friday, the police began the operation to arrest the drug traffickers, who had been declared fugitives from a previous incursion into the Jacarezinho favela.

According to a statement from the Military Police, “there was a confrontation and eight wounded criminals did not survive their injuries.”

The operation involved the Rio de Janeiro Militarized Police, the Federal Police and the Federal Highway Police. As a result, six rifles, four pistols and 14 grenades were seized.

According to the secretary of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro, Luiz Henrique Marinho, “it was a joint operation between forces from Rio de Janeiro and federal forces, after several months of intelligence work that revealed that there were several drug traffickers hiding in This region”.

Among the objectives of the operation was the capture of Chico Bento, one of the chiefs of the Comando Vermelho, considered the largest criminal organization in Rio de Janeiro. Adriano Souza de Freitas, alias Chico Bento, has been charged with the crimes of homicide, torture, drug trafficking and theft.

Local media and users on social networks realize that the operation unleashed an intense exchange of shots, which caused at least 15 schools in the municipal network not to open their doors and three family clinics suspended their care activity. Vaccination against Covid-19 was also suspended.

Earlier this week, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) determined that the government of Rio de Janeiro must present a plan to reduce police lethality in operations in the favelas within 90 days.

In the opinion of Judge Ricardo Lewandowski, the city is experiencing a systematic violation of rights and the brutality of the forces of order, as well as the lethality of their operations, become a systematic and unconstitutional practice.