Egypt commemorates the 70th Anniversary of its Revolution: Ambassador Khaled Shamaa


Sofia Salina.

The Egyptian ambassador to Mexico, Khaled Shamaa, led the ceremony for the 70th Anniversary of the Revolution, on July 23, 1952, and the National Day of Bilateral Relations with Mexico.

Here his words.

“Friends of Egypt, welcome to the house of Egypt in Mexico.

It is an honor and great pleasure to welcome you for our Egyptian National Day celebration in this year of 2022, which marks the 70th Anniversary of the Revolution of July 23, 1952.

Which also marks 64 years of bilateral relations between Egypt and Mexico.

I am pleased that our relations are moving forward with dedicated efforts to broaden and deepen bilateral cooperation in various areas. In the areas of investment, trade, economic collaboration, but culture still has a very important space for the two countries, which maintain a heritage, but also have a very dynamic cultural present.

Also highlighting the cooperation in the multilateral area, especially on issues of sustainable development, also in the field of combating climate change, Egypt is going to host the UN Summit next November, in Sharm el-Sheikh.

We celebrate the national day of bilateral relations, it gives us determination to work more in the coming years, for the benefit of our peoples and the world.

I greatly appreciate your presence with us”, concluded Khaled Shamaa, Ambassador of Egypt in Mexico.

For her part, Minister Amparo Anguiano, general director for Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East, of the SRE commented “This is also a propitious moment, because on May 21 the tenth meeting of the mechanism of consultations on matters of mutual interest of foreign ministries, where we saw that the area of ​​cooperation for the protection of cultural heritage is very important for both countries.

One of my favorite activities has been the Arabic translation contest of Juan Villoro’s book, The Wild Book, for reading by young people and children, of course the author Juan Villoro was able to be at the awards ceremony in Cairo.

I take this opportunity to reiterate the congratulations of the government of Mexico to that of Egypt for having accepted the presidency of the Summit, of COP27, which will take place in November, as Ambassador Khaled Shamaa mentioned, it will be a very important moment not only for Egypt, but in a very special way for Africa, taking into account that this region is one of the most affected by climate change.

The government of Mexico will work so that this conference is a complete success and has the results that we long for and need for the benefit of humanity.”

After the speech by the Egyptian ambassador and the Mexican official, the applause of the attendees was heard, among them, the Ambassadors of different countries, South Africa, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan , Italy.

As well as the Ambassadors of Palestine, Peru, Belize, Jamaica, Uruguay, Cuba, El Salvador, among other distinguished diplomats.

Congratulations, Egypt!


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