Edwin Luna rules out being an irresponsible father and much less gay

Given the statements issued by Erika Monclova, Edwin Luna's ex-partner and mother Miguel Alexander, the son they had together, where she qualifies him as a bad father, the singer from La Trakalosa de Monterrey defended himself.

During an interview with Telemundo, the interpreter from Monterrey pointed out that everything is due to a campaign orchestrated by his ex-partner with the aim of obtaining some benefit in exchange for an interview.

It's good if she gets some economic remuneration in exchange for her statements, I guess it's for my son too, so God bless her. Nevertheless, I have always complied with my son's maintenance“, he indicated.

In addition, The 35-year-old interpreter dismissed comments describing him as a gay individual, This is largely because in several videos he is seen carrying an unusual handbag.

What is my fault that brands bring out bags for men. I got to the men's boutique and saw the bag, so I asked if it was for men and they assured me. I like it because it fits my laptop and everything, that's why I use it. I have always said that if I were gay I would admit it, Well, I have many friends of diversity," he said.

Far from being upset by the information spread about everything she does on and off stage, Luna accepts that it is part of the price her father always told her she would pay to be a public figure.

To stay in this medium I have to make good songs, but I also need the support of the media, so I don't dislike the comments they make about me, It's part of their job," he said.

It should be noted that, without neglecting their presentations in different cities in Mexico and the United States, Edwin Luna also remains focused on promoting the first war praise he recorded alongside Obama Carlos Andersonwhich is entitled "The Times of God."

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