Eduin Caz unleashed with Karol G and wearing a blue wig at the Bichota Tour Reloaded in Mexico


Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme.

Photo: Bryan Steffy. /Getty Images

If there is someone who knows how to have a good time, it is the member of Firm Group, Eduin Caz. The Mexican regional singer went to Arena Mexico City let’s see Carol G in its Bichota Tour Reloaded in the Aztec country and unleashed properly. But the funniest thing is wore a blue wig.

Of course, Eduin Caz She had time to go say hello to her friend and take a picture with her. Let us remember that the member of the Firm Group met a while ago Carol G just in concert with her and from then on, they consider each other good friends. In addition, the young Mexican did not stop singing all the songs of the bichota And till a blue wig that simulated the hair of the Colombian used.

Of course he had his little drink in hand and best of all with the doctor’s permission, as he previously commented. Some days ago Eduin Caz public and Instagram the consultation that you would have made to your doctor about taking. To the member of Firm Group He had been banned from alcoholic beverages and heavy meals because he had very strong gastritis.

Right after his five concerts at the Sun Forum on the Mexico City, Eduin Caz he wanted to celebrate after his last performance, but it was impossible for him due to a terrible pain he experienced in his stomach. The vocalist of Firm Group He said that he felt the pain had reached his chest and had to be transferred to an emergency hospital in an ambulance.

Later, and when the scare had passed, the singer clarified what had happened to him and clarified the rumors that had spread about whether he had suffered an overdose. Eduin Caz made it clear that he does not use, nor has he used drugs. But the “little drinks” do have fun.

As to Carol G, the bichota performed on his first night at the Mexico City and captive with Anahí of RBD when he invited her to sing with her at his Bichota Tour Reloaded chapter Mexico. The tears of the two artists as well as the public present were immediate. Without a doubt, a dream come true for the Colombian who has been an admirer of the Mexican and the group since she was very little. For her part, Anahí I was 12 years away from the stage.

Back to Eduin Caz of Firm Group was also at the concert Maluma, who is presenting his new album “THE LOVE AND SEX TAPE” which was released just a few days ago. Of course, his Mexican friend was there and they both sang “everyone“.

Firm Group He doesn’t stop reaping successes and he doesn’t stop working either. Without a doubt, they have managed to position themselves as the most important regional Mexican band of the moment. For now, we leave you with his most recent song, which has millions of views on Youtube, Out of service.

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