Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme receives an intimate toy and that was his spectacular reaction! | VIDEO

Despite Edwin Caz and firm group They were involved this week in scandals over mistreatment of their fans in Mexico and the deference they make to fans in the United States, whom they treat better. Now he is under the spotlight for his latest reaction.

And it is that some fans took the interpreter of "El T贸xico" by surprise, while he was one of the special guests at the concert of Car铆n Le贸n, who performed in Sonora, Mexico.

After his presentation, Eduin ran into fans who had a very special gift for the Mexican singer, who could not hide his surprise.

It was after he sang songs like "El T贸xico" and "Amor borrachito", two of the pieces in which they have collaborated and which have been resounding successes.

After that, fans who saw them from outside the ExpoGan Sonora Palenque approached the Grupo Firme vocalist. And it was on social networks where a video went viral in which the interpreter of "Ya Sup茅rame" and "En tu perra vida" is seen receiving a gift.

Which generated a totally surprising reaction, but at the same time pleasant, because when opened they were products of a sexual nature, that is, sex toys.

It was on TikTok where his reaction became quite an event, while the description of said video said: "We gave Eduin Caz a little gift and I think he liked it."

Given this, Eduin Caz thanked them for the gesture and thanked them with a big smile for this detail, which was recorded.

Many fans were left with their mouths open with Eduin's gesture, since he is always very expressive and more so with these types of songs. But despite them, they appreciated that he was as natural as ever. But so far on his social networks he has not shared anything about it.

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