Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme lights up the networks with his new body and tattoos

Firm Group each time it becomes more and more relevant in the world of music and entertainment, and this fame has largely been due to its members, including its vocalist, Eduin Caz, who has revealed that he left vices and listed several goals to meet, one of them is to have a worked body to show off during the 2022 tour.

The artist, with the advice of his personal trainer Armando Félix “Kong”, a renowned bodybuilder, has managed to lose weight and gain musclea process that can be seen through the photographs that he uploads to his social networks.

Eduin Caz recently stated that part of his change also includes giving up alcoholic beverages. and not because he doesn’t like it, but because it is an example for the new generations who enjoy his music and are aware of his life, that is why he also decided to create healthier routines.

These new habits not only They have been applauded by their millions of male fans, who are the ones who are filled with motivation when they see all the achievements of the interpreter of “El amor no fue pa’ mi”There are also thousands of girls who like to monitor Eduin’s networks to see if he has already uploaded a new image and take the opportunity to leave him a compliment in the comments.

He has repeatedly confessed that when he was little he was overweight and as a result he was also attacked by other teenagers and children who made fun of his complexion.

Now Caz trains daily and has carried out a constant routine to strengthen and work parts of her body, among the most notorious are her arms, legs and abdomen.

In the recent photograph that the influencer and singer Beto Sierra uploaded, you can see how his body looks and a notorious happiness for everything he has achieved in these months.

It should be remembered that these types of decisions by Eduin he also took them after suffering a scare that took him to the emergency room due to a problem with his hiatal herniawhich It gave him some problems with his health, and for this reason he had to start making changes in his eating habits, so he made it known on his social networks.

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