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Educators and unions from the teacher sector mobilized this Tuesday in Colombia to present to the Ministry of Education the list of petitions 2023, which calls for the recognition of education as a fundamental right, common good and state public patrimony of Colombians.


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The Executive Committee of the Colombian Federation of Education Workers (Fecode) presented the specification to the Ministry together with other organizations, and stated that the "requests include the needs of public education, respect for the rights of teachers, whose column is the constitutional reform to the General Participation System”.

Said union stressed that the door to dialogue with the national government was left open, but with the commitment to materialize the agreements and comply with them. "We need a Ministry of Education that responds to the needs of education," he stressed.

In the same way, the signatory organizations requested to improve the health system for teachers, the stagnant promotions in the teaching staff, as well as the reform of the general participation system to bring more resources to the education sector.

Meanwhile, delegations of teachers from neighboring departments, such as Meta, Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Meta, Tolima and Huila, traveled to Bogotá (capital) to join the members of the National Board.

“Today the mobilization in the country is maintained and agitated. It is not against the Government, as they have wanted to misinform. Fecode is open to dialogue and expects from the Ministry of Education the willingness to negotiate and materialize the agreements to solve education problems”, insisted the entity.

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