Eduardo Lara is hospitalized in Cali: he suffered a heart attack

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Eduardo Lara would be hospitalized in a clinic in Cali after having suffered a heart attack - credit Raúl Martínez/EFE

edward laraone of the most recognized coaches in Colombian soccer, would be going through a serious situation after having suffered a heart attack that has him admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Imbanaco Clinic in Cali.

According to the first versions, the coach was transferred to the health center on Friday, August 25, but at the moment there are no details regarding his state of health, nor a statement from the clinic or his relatives.

Eduardo Lara directed for the last time the Alliance FC of El Salvador until June 2023, he returned to Colombia and is currently free and waiting to define his future, since in recent years he has gone through different clubs and selected without much success.

Although very few knew the news about Eduardo Lara, who had not been giving good results in the last teams he led, for Colombian soccer fans it was worrisome to learn the news that began to circulate on the afternoon of August 25.

The first outlet to report on what happened was El País de Cali, using a publication in x what the user Pamini did: “The Valle del Cauca technician Eduardo Lara is hospitalized in an ICU at the Imbanaco Clinic in Cali. The former DT from America suffered a heart attack and is under permanent medical observation. Speedy recovery".

Eduardo Lara is hospitalized after suffering a heart attack in Cali - credit @jpamini/X
Eduardo Lara is hospitalized after suffering a heart attack in Cali - credit @jpamini/X

The newspaper Vanguard He assured that Eduardo Lara's wife was in charge of delivering the news to the Cali newspaper, but there is no official report from the family or from the Imbanaco clinic, to which Infobae Colombia contacted, but received no response.

A good part of the base of the Colombian team that qualified for the World Cups in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018, were players that Eduardo Lara discovered and strengthened as coach of the U-20 team, with which he achieved his greatest triumph with the South American title of 2005.

Stars such as Falcao, Hugo Rodallega, Dayro Moreno, Cristian Zapata, Fredy Guarín appeared in that contest, among other men who had successful careers abroad, won the hearts of fans and is one of the most remembered youth rosters in the country. .

On the other hand, Lara was also in charge of helping James Rodríguez in his first steps towards the Colombian team thanks to his appearance in the 2011 World Cup, which was held in our country and with other men such as Jeison Murillo, Pedro Franco and Luis Fernando Muriel.

Although Eduardo Lara became a man for his triumphs in the Colombian youth teams, it did not go well for him when he took the reins of the senior team in 2008, when he replaced Jorge Luis Pinto halfway through the qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Despite the fact that he had a lot of support from the FCF board of directors, the fans and his players, during the qualifiers things went wrong for him in his 11 games, he won five, drew one and lost five, he was eliminated with one game remaining and left the post in October 2010.

In 2016, El Salvador gave Eduardo Lara the opportunity, who was in charge of the U-20 team, but he failed in both the Gold Cup and the Central American Cup, being fired at the end of 2017 and since then he has gone through Envigado, Once Caldas, The Nacional of Ecuador and Salvadoran Football Alliance.

It should be noted that Lara was also appointed coach of Equatorial Guinea, but there are no records of any match he led with the African team despite the fact that he was in office between February and August 2018.

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