Eduard-Bello, from Mazatlán, scores-Chilean goal-in Brazil vs-Venezuela

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Eduard Bello, Mazatlán FC player in Liga MX, this Thursday rescued the Venezuelan team's draw against Brazil in the Conmebol qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup with a great goal from a bicycle kick in the final stretch of the match.

The Cañoneros forward was the hero of his team by scoring the goal with which they gained a valuable and historic point for Brazil on the road to the World Cup that will be played in just over three years.

How was Eduard Bello's Chilean goal?

Bello ruined the Brazilian party with a superb finish in the 84th minute of the match, When he received a cross from the right wing, he dived acrobatically to contact the ball with his right leg and beat Emerson, who only saw the match tied.

Defender Gabriel Magalhaes, with a header, opened the score (50) for the five-time world champions at the Arena Pantanal World Cup stadium.

But the Venezuelan attacker (85) brought parity with a beautiful pirouette in the final stretch of a game in which Vinotinto, led by Argentine Fernando Batista, made Fernando Diniz's Seleção look very earthy.

Brazil unexpectedly lost its perfect run after having beaten Bolivia (5-1) and Peru (1-0) in September, and lost the lead in the tie with Argentina, which had three consecutive wins by defeating Paraguay earlier (1- 0) in Buenos Aires.

Now, his pride wounded, he must prepare for a highly demanding clash: visit Marcelo Bielsa's Uruguay (4th) on Tuesday in Montevideo.

Venezuela, for its part, fell to sixth position, with four points, and will open the fourth day against Chile (5th) on the same day in Maturín.


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