Ecuadorian teachers close roads on the ninth day of protests | News


Ecuadorian teachers celebrated this Wednesday nine consecutive days of protests to demand salary equality and the implementation of the Organic Law of Intercultural Education (LOEI) while closures are reported in several arteries of the capital.


They urge the Government of Ecuador to review transfer policy

The president of the National Union of Educators (UNE), Isabel Vargas, expressed during the day that: “The Government since its inception, and it’s been a year now, has not even dialogued. There is no encounter with the Ecuadorian people. The meeting is with friends, with the IMF and internationals”.

In this sense, Vargas asked the Constitutional Court to “act independently and give way to salary equality.” Likewise, he urged President Guillermo Lasso to withdraw if they do not have “the capacity to govern.”

On the ninth day of protests, the UNE closed Amazonas Avenue, located north of Quito while burning car tires, blocking the road with debris, when there is only one day left for the discussion of the LOEI reforms in the Constitutional Court.

Similarly, the almost 30 teachers who gathered in the vicinity of the Constitutional Court and in the Plaza San Francisco in Guayaquil remain on hunger strike against the veto of the chief executive of the reforms.

For his part, the Popular Unity member, Giovanni Atarihuana, asserted that the State has the necessary resources to carry out salary equalization based on the collections declared by the Internal Revenue Service.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court has until May 23 to define the status of the reforms. However, the UNE has stated that if there is no ruling this Thursday, the protests will spread to other locations.

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