Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office opens investigation for the murder of 10 inmates | News

The Ecuadorian State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) announced this Friday that it has opened an investigation into the murder of 10 prisoners during a riot at the El Inca prison, located in Quito.


Violence in Ecuadorian prison leaves five prisoners dead

In a message posted on its Twitter social network account, the FGE indicated that it had officially opened a preliminary investigation into the violent death of 10 people in the Center for Provisional Deprivation of Liberty (CPPL) of Pichincha Number 1, the formal name of the prison.

“In addition, procedures are being carried out to remove the corpses,” added the institution.

The FGE initially spoke of nine deaths, however, in an update of the information it mentioned that there were 10 prisoners killed, whose bodies were transferred to Forensic Medicine for the respective autopsies.

Local media reported that the riots began after a leader of the gang called Los Lobos was transferred from the El Inca prison to the La Roca penitentiary, located in Guayaquil, capital of the Guayas province.

The National Service for Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNAI) reported that after the transfer of the leader of Los Lobos, known by the alias Bermúdez, members of that criminal group took violent reprisals.

The El Inca prison was the scene 10 days ago of a similar situation in which five prisoners were murdered.

According to statistics from the SNAI and the FGE, since February 2021 at least 410 prisoners have lost their lives in various massacres.