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Workers of the state company Petroecuador, began this Wednesday in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, an indefinite strike in demand for fair wages and in rejection of the poor conditions in hydrocarbon fields.


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The participants gathered on Amazonas avenue, to the north of the Ecuadorian capital, to request the resignation of manager Julio César Moscoso, due to non-compliance with salary homologation.

The workers' lawyer, Rafael Ponce, asserted that the official does not guarantee employees the guarantees established in a court ruling issued on January 15, which determines that for equal work, equal remuneration.

"This sentence was executed on January 15 and our colleagues should have had their new data with their new salaries, not earning very poor salaries of 420 and 460 dollars," said Ponce, who at the same time stressed that some 4,800 workers would benefit from the provision .

The workers also demanded the payment of vacations and overtime, protested against the poor working conditions, and the situation of contamination in the work areas that harms their health.

In this sense, they called for the removal of all managers, and urged that the position be filled with someone with skills and knowledge to assume responsibility and thus increase state revenue.

For its part, Petroecuador issued a statement accusing the workers of attempting to take over a public building by force; but made no reference to the protesters' demands or the company's breach of the salary equalization agreement.

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