Ecuadorian MMA fighter lost his undefeated after suffering an unusual injury during his entrance into the octagon

Octagon MMA.

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The Ecuadorian fighter from Mixed martial arts, Miguel Grijalvasuffered an unusual injury last Thursday just when stepping on the octagon of the Leguía Theater arena in Lime, Perufor their bout for the featherweight title of the Fusion Fighting Championship (FFC) in view of Martin Mollinedo.

The mishap occurred while the wrestler was making his triumphant entrance to the fight cage, jumping in circles. In the last jump, he supported both legs simultaneously on the ring and in the live broadcast he was seen to stumble slightly. Apparently the damage occurred in one of his knees. All this situation forced the South American to have to receive medical assistance. Subsequently, the suspension of the fight was confirmed.

This combat was part of the semi-main card of FFC64 and left all attendees with expectations, who were as stunned as the commentators and Internet users on social networks. During the television broadcast, one of the commentators of DirecTV Sports I couldn't believe what happened. “Is this for real?” she asked.

reactions to injury

He Martin Mollinedo he took perhaps the easiest and most surreal victory of his career and he let it be known in his statements. “First time seeing this. I am left with the desire to fight, I trained very hard, I prepared myself in advance, I dedicated myself to my body, I put aside my family and all my things to be able to win this fight.

For his part, the President of CFF, jackson moradid not hide his surprise at what happened, but announced that Mollinedo will fight for the belt in a future edition. “Grijalva is a fighter of a good level, he has been winning in many countries, I am as surprised as the public. But I want to announce that Martín is going to fight for the belt in the next edition, it is what he deserves and corresponds ”.

The Peruvian fighter had just won by KO against the Argentine Maximilian Perez and with this latest win his record was established at 26-11. While grijalva He lost the undefeated and his streak ended at eight wins and one loss.

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