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The vice president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), Zenaida Yasacama, confirmed that the organization will hold its expanded council this Friday to analyze the national political situation and that they do not rule out new mobilizations in the face of breach of agreements by the Government.


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In an interview granted this Thursday to a local radio station, Yasacama specified that organizational structures from Confeniae (Amazon), Ecuarunari (Sierra) and Conaice (Coast) will participate in the meeting on February 24.

He expanded that the delegates will receive information about the dialogue tables that they held with the Executive of Guillermo Lasso for 14 months and the implementation of the 218 agreements, an unfulfilled process, he valued.

He affirmed that the indigenous movement is fed up with the lies and deception of the Executive, especially when nine people died during the national strike in June 2022.

He rejected Lasso to spread that 90 percent of what was agreed was fulfilled. He pointed out that nothing has been activated or operationalized. He stated that the public cannot be deceived by saying that the dialogues have been resolved.

He expressed that "there is no will from the Government to solve the problems that are going through at the national level, not only with the indigenous sector, but for all the citizens who work and earn a dollar a day to bring bread."

He explained that after this Friday's meeting and following its democratic vocation, the Conaie will consult the communities, peoples and nationalities on what should be done after going to the dialogue tables and presenting proposals that were not taken into account by the Executive.

He made it clear that Conaie is not interested in using forceful measures, and for this reason it has always resorted to dialogues, nor in gaining access to the Executive Power, but in solving the country's problems, at a time when Ecuador is facing a situation Negative in terms of health, education, roads, security and social issues, he appreciated.

Yasacama also referred to the "Encuentro" or "Gran Padrino" case, about an alleged corruption plot in the Lasso Executive. In this regard, he opined that the Government should step aside to allow other people to run the country correctly.

The Conaie is made up of the Confederation of Nationalities and Indigenous Peoples of the Ecuadorian Coast (Conaice), the Confederation of Peoples of the Kichwa Nationality of Ecuador (Ecuarunari) and the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (Confeniae).

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