Ecuadorian indigenous confederation calls for mobilization against the Lasso government | News

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The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) declared this Friday in permanent mobilization and demanded the resignation of the country's president, Guillermo Lasso, due to lack of legitimacy and non-compliance with the 2022 agreements.


Indigenous movement accuses the Government of Ecuador of breaking agreements

The highest indigenous organization in the country also urged the National Assembly to promote a political trial against Lasso, after the investigation undertaken by a multi-party commission that analyzes the alleged cases of corruption in the Government.

During the Conaie National Convention, held in Quito, its president Leónidas Iza, together with an extended council, called for the resignation of the Ecuadorian president due to the lack of legitimacy to govern and due to the breach of agreements.

In addition to declaring itself in permanent mobilization in each of its territories, the entity announced that it will radicalize its fight against mining and in defense of its historical demands.

“We declare ourselves on alert regarding any dictatorial act or decision taken by the President of the Republic. We will not allow them to try to dissolve state functions and govern by decree," Iza said.

“The peoples and nationalities, the social organizations and the Ecuadorian people will not allow a dictatorship. If any initiative of any kind happens, we will immediately declare the uprising and the national strike in Ecuador,” he asserted.

The Conaie also announced the rupture of the dialogue process with the Government of Lasso due to the breach of the agreements signed after the strike in June last year.

"After analyzing the follow-up report on the results achieved at the dialogue tables, installed in the framework of the indigenous and popular uprising of June 2022, it is evident that there has been no political will on the part of the Government to comply with it," he noted. .

He maintained: "on the contrary, the Government of Guillermo Lasso has continued advancing with its neoliberal policies, which violate our territorial and community rights and the national economy."

"That is why we are breaking this dialogue process and withdrawing from these follow-up tables, blaming the national government, which has been the one that has not complied at the dialogue tables," he said.

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