Ecuador transfers leaders of the Turi prison to La Roca | News

The National Police and the Armed Forces carried out this Monday night the transfer of five leaders involved in the riot reported this Sunday in the Ecuadorian prison of Turi, in Cuenca, which left at least 20 inmates dead.


20 dead reported after riot in Ecuador prison

The prisoners were transferred to the maximum security prison facility known as La Roca and located in the port city of Guayaquil, Guayas province, in western Ecuador.

In this regard, the Ecuadorian government reported through a statement that: “With this decision, any type of interaction between these leaders and the bases of the organizations they represent will be avoided.”

The transfer was carried out in an Ecuadorian Air Force plane, which landed at the Guayaquil Air Base, where the organized transfer to the prison was carried out.

For his part, President Guillermo Lasso published on his official Twitter account referring to the measure that: “Security is the number one priority of our government. When it is at stake, we act firmly and immediately”.

Similarly, he confirmed hours later the execution of the transfer by stating that: “Prison intelligence will be strengthened. 5 main leaders of the riots in Turi are already in La Roca isolated, and we have taken precautions to protect PPL as women and from minor crimes. We are facing the problem firmly and decisively.”

Likewise, the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Interior began a census process in prisons on Tuesday. This measure is included in the government plan to curb the increase in violence in prison facilities.