Ecuador reports more than 1,000 violent deaths in 2022 | News

The Ecuadorian Interior Minister, Patricio Carrillo, specified on Tuesday that the country is working to contain criminal violence, even though 1,180 violent deaths are reported in the first four months of 2022.


Seven members of a family are murdered in Esmeraldas, Ecuador

With these figures, the data reported in 2020 is doubled, where the country reported the figure for these first four months in a whole year and if these parameters continue, about 4,000 violent deaths would be reported this year, declared the Ecuadorian official.

“Until March 30, there were about a thousand deaths and so far this month there have been 180. We see that we were at 300 violent deaths per month and in April we would end up with 250. It is being contained,” said Patricio Carrillo, without critically refer to the structural causes of such violence in the country.

The Interior Minister insisted that these data are comparable to the values ​​of Central American countries, and indicated that Ecuador had about 1,400 violent deaths on average according to official figures.

“The means used by murderers, as in the case of Ibarra, are motorcycles without license plates and firearms. We must raise the performance standard of the institutions in charge of traffic control and arms control”, stressed the minister in reference to the murder of a man who was withdrawing money from an ATM on Monday, April 18.

“Ecuador is experiencing a wave of violence that could have many explanations,” said the minister in a context where there are also high rates of sexual violence in the country reported by various feminist and women’s organizations.

According to the national directorate of the Judicial Police of Ecuador, the nation registers an average of 42 daily complaints of rape, sexual abuse and bullying in girls and adolescents and in the last five years 40,477 girls and women victims of rape have been reported.

Likewise, the collective Disidentes Violetas in Ecuador published on its social networks that there were 748 femicides, women murdered for gender reasons, from January 1, 2014 to March 2, 2020, even though femicides were not taken into account in the declarations of the Minister of the Interior Patricio Carrillo.