Ecuador coach on Byron Castillo's absence: "Byron should be here, but I respect the Federation's decision"

Gustavo Alfaro, DT of the Ecuadorian National Team.

Photo: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

One day before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the absence of Byron Castillo in the Ecuadorian team continues to generate controversy Faced with this reality, the coach Gustavo Alfaro spoke out and assured that he intended to summon the León player. However, he says he respects the decision of the Ecuadorian Football Federation ”.

I am a football coach, I am not a lawyer, I consulted and I agree, Byron must be here, but I respect the decision of the FEF“said the Ecuador coach in statements reviewed by Ecuavisa.

The love of the Ecuadorian team towards Byron Castillo

The coach of the Ecuadorian National Team assured that the absence of Byron Castillo is one more reason for the fight for La Tri and emphasized the unity of a team that feels great affection for the player who has finally been left out of the squad.

Tomorrow Byron Castillo is going to go out on the field with us, if they saw the love of the team towards him. Today is one more flag for the teamAlfaro said.

The emotion of Gustavo Alfaro

Gustavo Alfaro does not hide his emotion a few hours after making his debut with Ecuador in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in this sense he highlighted all the thoughts and emotions that go through his head in these previous hours.

I don't know what will happen when they play the Ecuadorian Anthem, it will be something very excitingWhen I look up and see those who are no longer there, when I look back and see my years of struggle, also that 6-year-old boy who fell in love with soccer, tomorrow that boy will be with me," he said.

Ecuador will debut against Qatar tomorrow and will continue against the Netherlands and will end their participation in the group stage against their counterpart from Senegal.

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