Ecuador and Peru reopen border crossing closed by Covid-19 | News

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador and Peru reported that this Friday, after two years closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the land border crossing between these two countries was opened.


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Following a ceremony at the Binational Center for Border Assistance (Cebaf), which was attended by authorities from both countries, the common land border crossings were reopened in Huaquillas, the Ecuadorian province of El Oro, and in Macará (Loja). ), which have been closed since 2020, which connect with the Peruvian town of Aguas Verdes.

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Juan Carlos Holguín specified that “we have enabled our migration posts. We have made a joint coordination to apply all biosafety protocols; the entry and exit of citizens, both Ecuadorians and Peruvians”.

For his part, the undersecretary of Sovereignty and Neighborhood Relations, Augusto Saá, specified after the opening of the border between the two countries, “that the dialogue will increase with the presidential meeting that will take place in the coming weeks.”

For the official, “the reopening of the border at the Huaquillas-Aguas Verdes pass marks a milestone in the bilateral relationship with Peru,” and “gives way to strengthening integration and cooperation in the area.”

The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry also added that this action will allow economic recovery and reactivation after the Covid-19 pandemic, and the increase in investments in the productive sectors of both countries.