Ecuador activates contingency plan in the Galapagos Islands | News


Ecuadorian authorities activated a contingency plan in the event of a fuel spill in the sea, after a boat carrying two thousand gallons of diesel sank in the waters of the Galapagos Islands.


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The ship named Albatros contained an estimated “2,000 gallons of diesel at the time of the event” on Santa Cruz Island. In addition, “there is the presence of a surface stain of fuel at various points in the Bay,” indicated the Ministry of the Environment.

The Captaincy of the Port and the direction of the Galapagos National Park requested the collaboration of Petroecuador, in order to mitigate the possible damages that may occur due to the shipwreck.

In its statement, the state oil company indicates that a contingency plan was activated and delivered “two sections of containment barriers to surround the vessel.” In addition, a review was ordered of the rest of the vessels that deliver diesel to the islands.

The Galapagos National Park (PNG) announced the temporary closure of aquatic and tourist activities in Punta Estrada, as well as access to visitor sites, Playa de los Alemanes, Las Grietas, Playa de la Estación and Ratonera on Santa Cruz Island, due to the sinking of a boat in the bay.

The state oil company Petroecuador explained, initially, that the privately owned vessel sank in the early hours of Saturday and that the four crew members were rescued alive.

The PNG specified that around the sinking site “containment and dispersant barriers were placed to limit possible negative impacts to the environment.”

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