Economic package guarantees development and certainty

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Claudia Sheinbaumcoordinator of the Defense of Transformation, assured that the 2024 Federation Expenditure Budget project delivered by President Andrés Manuel López Obradorguarantees sovereign development with well-being.

Through a video published on its official social networks, the Morena's virtual candidate for the presidency of Mexico in 2024 explained in five axes the content of the Economic package next year, which refer to achievements in social investment, health, works, economic certainty and the government transition.

Dr. Sheinbaum Pardo highlighted that Next year's economic proposal has the highest budget for social investment in history.with 12.8% of GDP. Furthermore, they will increase the supports for older adultswho will receive 6 thousand pesos every two months starting next year.

We will have the highest social investment budget in history to reduce poverty and inequalities. It will be 12.8% of GDP, while in 2018 it only reached 10%. The social programs have increases, for example the pension for older adults, which will grow by 25%, since now the beneficiaries will receive 6 thousand pesos every two months starting next year," he celebrated.

Sheinbaum celebrates republican austerity

Claudia Sheinbaum He assured that in terms of health the priority will be IMSS Wellbeing for the population without social security. In the health area, he emphasized that 1 billion pesos is suggested. He explained that they are 200 billion pesos more than in 2018 in real terms.

Regarding the debt, the coordinator of the Defense of Transformation explained that it is lower compared to the debt of Japan and the United Statesdue to the policy of republican austerity of the government of the Fourth Transformation.

Sheinbaum argued that republican austerity policy It allowed taxes not to increase by reducing government privileges, and eradicating corruption. Likewise, he highlighted that taxes are collected without distinctions or conditions in particular to those who have the most.

Finally, Claudia Sheinbaum assured that the draft Expenditure Budget of the Federation will allow a orderly transition and economic stability.

The budget facilitates an orderly financial transition and sends signals of certainty. The debt that matured in 2025 has been refinanced by 70%, therefore, reinforcing economic stability. In short, it is an Economic Package very different from the past that was full of corruption and privileges, for Q4 the resources are to promote sovereign development," he highlighted.


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