Ebrard inaugurates the Centro México Qatar 2022 to assist the Mexican fans

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The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, inaugurated the #CentroMéxicoQatar2022 (CMQ), implemented to assist the Mexican fans who attend the Soccer World Cup.

The CMQ is located in the Katara Cultural Village, in corridor 3 of the amphitheatre, which is a Mexican Public Diplomacy space ceded by the Katara Foundation with which Mexico forms, through the SRE, the Global Public Diplomacy Network (GPDnet). and that it is in charge of the group of Mexican fans and media that attend the World Cup. For the development of its functions, the Center is made up of:

  • Office of care and protection for Mexican people abroad
  • Consular services office, with the capacity to replace documentation and issue emergency passports
  • Public diplomacy area
  • Information and media

Secretary Ebrard assured that the Foreign Ministry has been "many months preparing, preparing ourselves to be ready today, ready, ready, to provide the support services to the Mexican fans that we are going to have."

Likewise, he thanked the support of the Katara Foundation and the Government of Qatar, "who have supported us in everything, they have been extremely friendly with Mexico."

The foreign minister was accompanied at the event by authorities from the Government of Qatar, the Katara Cultural Village and GPDNet, who have been allies for the development of the project, as well as Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Football Federation, a body with which he has coordinated communication with the Mexican fans and Jared Borgetti, a former Mexican soccer player.

The CMQ is under the leadership of the coordinator of the General Strategy of Mexico in Qatar 2022, Alfonso Zegbe. In addition, the Center has officials specialized in information, consular affairs, protection of Mexican people, public diplomacy and public security, who are in permanent coordination with the Qatari authorities, FIFA and the Supreme Committee for the Organization and Legacy. (SC).

It also has a Health Window for assessment and referral to hospital medical centers, with which it seeks to have agreements in case of care for compatriots, as well as first aid medical references.

Regarding security and deterrent presence work, the Ministry of the Interior of Qatar, through its National Police, invited law enforcement and security forces from Mexico to integrate with the national police forces of the other participating countries. in the World Cup, at the International Center for Police Cooperation.

In this way, the CMQ will have the support of members of the National Guard of Mexico, who will be the liaison with the security, surveillance and control authorities of the State of Qatar, in order to prevent risks and avoid confrontations, as well as to exchange sensitive information about major contingencies.

The Mexico Qatar 2022 Center will be available until December 20 of this year.

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