Ebrard inaugurates "Dinos in Los Pinos: Prehistoric Dimensions"

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The chancellor Marcelo Ebrard opened the exhibition “Dinos in Los Pinos: Prehistoric Dimensions”with the aim of bringing the paleontological history and various habitats of our country closer to the families of Mexico City.

The secretary assured that they have worked together to make possible "an exhibition that reflects the immense work of paleontologists and paleontologists from Mexico who have been studying Mexican dinosaurs."

He added that "what you are going to see are the dinosaurs or dinosaurs that have been recovered, reconstructed with a lot of patience for knowledge, for Mexican science."

The exhibition at the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) with the Museum of the Desert (MUDE) of Saltillo, Coahuila, and the Ministry of Culture, will remain open to the public until October of this year.

Foreign Minister Ebrard toured, accompanied by the attendees, the different dimensions of the paleontological exhibition that is exhibited both indoors and outdoors at Los Pinos. Casa Miguel Alemán opened its doors and balconies to more than 50 museographic pieces consisting of fossils, paleosculptures, Huichol art and poetry, highlighting the paleontological heritage of Mexico.

This collection welcomes attendees with a Tyrannosaurus rex on the balcony of Casa Miguel Aleman. Likewise, at the entrance of the house there are impressive pieces of dinosaurs reconstructed as Huichol art sculptures. The exhibition also includes the Casa López Mateos, where immersive audio installations have been set up. Between both houses, attendees can tour the gardens of the Los Pinos Cultural Complex where there are more than a dozen moving robots.

The director of MUDE, Arturo González, presents this exhibition as a dialogue between science, art and technology to present the signs that life on the planet has left throughout its evolution; scientific and poetic messages that seek to reach the inhabitants of our era to give clues on how to face the challenges that life implies today. The echoes of the various eras of our planet are manifested in our here and now in different dimensions of its occurrence, revealing a consciousness that has created monuments through its fossils and skeletons to leave a trace of the vulnerability of life.

For his part, the director of the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, Homer Fernandez, He reiterated the commitment to continue opening the doors of Los Pinos to Mexicans to enjoy art and scientific dissemination.

The exhibition "Dinos in Los Pinos: Prehistoric Dimensions" opened today and will remain open to the public until October of this year from 11 am to 6 pm Tuesday through Sunday and on Museum Nights.

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