Earnings of OnlyFans model similar to Marilyn Monroe skyrocket after movie premiere on Netflix

Model Leylah Dobinson has been compared to the 1950s Hollywood icon

Photo: Dia Dipasupi/Getty Images

The resemblance of an OnlyFans model to Marilyn Monroe has caused her earnings to skyrocket from the premiere of a movie by the American actress on Netflix.

The model Leyla Dobinson she has been compared to the 1950s Hollywood icon, who is one of the world’s most famous sex symbols.

Doing the Marilyn thing has helped mehas promoted me a lot on OnlyFans,” the model told Daily Star.

The model’s income has skyrocketed since ‘Blonde’ -starring Ana de Armas- premiered on Netflixthe 23-year-old has seen her “dreams come true”.

“The opportunities have been incredible. It is such a large amount of money in such a short time, it’s overwhelming. I have financial freedom, my career opportunities have changed and I now model full time,” added Leylah.

The British woman revealed that has won more than 35 thousand dollars with OnlyFans in just eight months. So she now has much more economic freedom and has been able to travel abroad to do modeling sessions.

Suffer trolling on social media

But while the career is lucrative, Leylah Dobinson reveals that also receives attacks on social media because he posts explicit images.

Nevertheless, the model is not intimidated and he recognizes that criticism is also part of the delight he has achieved in such a short time.

“If you make that kind of money, they will hate you in any sectorbut if you have beauty, looks and body, why don’t you make it yours? “He told the English tabloid.

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