Dyson Flash Sale: Score $250 Off the V8 Animal Cordfree Vacuum

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Now, I know $350 is still a hefty investment, so if you're waffling, check out these other reviews from satisfied buyers:

Dyson V8 Animal Extra De-tangle Cordfree Vacuum Reviews

"The Dyson V8 was a game-changer/life-changer for me. I am petite - 5'2", 115 lbs and used to loathe vacuuming. To have to lug a big, heavy machine around, keep unplugging the cord to move around, etc. was so cumbersome. I barely vacuumed because I hated doing it so much. The cordless Dyson changed that for me. I can take it out at any time, do a little bit here and there, or the whole house (about 1800 sq ft) all at once. I literally vacuum often now, and, dare I say, enjoy it!! It seriously changed how I think about vacuuming and housecleaning. If I was rich, I would buy one for all the special women in my life (mom, sisters, etc). I like the non-tangling head on the new model, too."

"We bought the V8 to replace an earlier Dyson DC59. The V8 performs better overall, especially along the edges of walls and stairs. The motor head roller doesn't fill up with hair like the DC59 does, which is a big plus."

"The Dyson would just about suck the paint off the wall!!! The suction is sooo good! Great vacuum."

So trot on over to QVC and vacuum up the savings before this deal ends!

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