During annular solar eclipse you should avoid rituals; here's why

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He annular solar eclipse, on Saturday, October 14, 2023, It is an event astronomical that can be seen after many years. However, those who believe in energy will probably seek to perform ceremonies to seek improvement in life, but what should be done? ¿Rituals should be avoided?

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According to some experts in astrology and numerology, the annular solar eclipse will influence the relationships with close ones, such as a partner, friends or family, and clarify if it is a key moment for do rituals.

What will the annular solar eclipse represent in relationships?

According to the numerologist and psychotherapist, Sergio Esperante, the annular solar eclipse will impact the way be relatedsince at that time, people who have problems with loved ones or have a favorable union, they will realize what they are doing right or wrong.

"After the eclipse, that is, the day after tomorrow, doors are going to open; things are going to happen that will reveal to you, where you have to be, where you have to pay attention, that maybe it is reaching my relationship or "I see everyone as experts," said numerologist Sergio Esperante.

However, the expert pointed out that during the annular solar eclipse it is necessary keep still and, although it may be a strange dream for all those passionate about mysticism and energies, it will be better avoid doing rituals this October 14.

"After the eclipse, you can do things, but not during the eclipse. In other words, the best thing is to let the eclipse flow, not do rituals, not pull stones. [...] Two important things: connecting with our partner or opening the door to having a partner and, second, beauty rituals are great during the eclipse," he added.

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Why not do rituals during annular solar eclipse?

On the other hand, the astrologer, Paulina Lugos, explained that during the annular solar eclipse It is preferable do not do energy rituals, since, as the creative star of the day is covered, it becomes a power outage; Therefore, it is a time when it will be better be cautious and cautious.

“You are going to hear on social networks that you have to do a ritual [...] I always say no. Let's see, imagine that there is an eclipse, I am in my house and, suddenly, the power goes out. If it's night and the power goes out in my house, what do I do: I walk slowly, I pay close attention, I turn on the light on my cell phone, I look for a candle [...] "I don't start dancing, complicating my life or doing strange things," declared astrologer Paulina Lugos.

The astrologer even added that during the annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023the best would be stay at home or stay in a covered placesince it is something that even some living beings will choose take refuge, as if it were the night. So nature is not wrong.

“It's how the ancients saw it. The ancients said that the sun went out... and the sun went out. I mean, it's a pause [...] Now, you do have to cover yourself a little from this light; Astronomers even say it, etc., that we cannot see the light of the solar eclipse, as it is, we have to put on special glasses or something like that. "So, if not even the human body is designed to withstand it, then why do we think we should expose ourselves to it?" added the astrologer.

In such a way, those who thought do rituals or offerings during this annular solar eclipse to absorb energy or attract good luck to your life, it is best to avoid it and remain attentive to interpersonal relationships with those close to you.

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