Due to the lyrics of his new single, Anuel AA could not have erased Karol G’s tattoo from his back

Last January Anuel AA invited his trusted tattoo artist to pay him a home visit to get a new engraving on his arm, inspired by one of his favorite characters from the series “Dragon Ball Z”and incidentally retouch other designs that are scattered throughout the body.

In the video that he shared in his stories of Instagram the reggaeton player did not show the final result, but he did you could see the template of a design that included large wings and that apparently were placed on his backwhere his fans know that he used to have a picture of him with his ex Carol G.

Since then it has been taken for granted that Anuel had gotten rid of the tattoo in honor of his former girlfriend after getting engaged to the singer yailin, but it may not have been so… In his new single titled “McGregor”Anuel states: “I’m not even with Karol anymore and I’ve never erased the tattoo” to argue that he is not really a good person.

Of course, there is also the possibility that the musician has only taken artistic license and actually said goodbye to that memory in ink of his love story with Karol. Her fans now wonder if Anuel will also have kept the gifts that she gave him at the time, like the model slingshot manufacturer Polaris which she customized to look like a real Batmobile and surprised him with for his birthday in 2017.

The theory that the singer has not forgotten Karol has gained strength among a part of his fan base after he recently performed a live on Instagram during which one of the spectators asked him to touch his hair if he still loved Karol. Then he ran his hand through his hair, although it may have been just a coincidence.

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