Due to the increase in COVID-19 infections, students hand over CIDE facilities


students of the Economic Research and Teaching Center (CIDE) delivered today the facilities of said institute, located in the area Santa Fe of the Mexico City, which were taken since the end of November last year.

The former after rise in infections for COVID-19, for which they were forced to hand over said CIDE campus, although the student community made it clear that they will continue to fight against what they called arbitrariness by the authorities of the Conacyt.

“During the time we have been here, we realize that the institutional crisis we are facing is far from being resolved due to the refusal of the authorities to establish a constructive and horizontal dialogue that allows us to strengthen the institution,” reads the message from the community. CIDE student.

“For several days we have seen with concern the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the world, the country and within our community. We recognize that we have a social duty as citizens to prevent the increase in infections and seek the well-being of society in general, which is beyond us in our fight and concerns us all. In this sense, considering the health risk involved in maintaining the recovery of the facilities, we decided to move to other forms of resistance”, they pointed out.

The conflict at CIDE broke out in November when José Antonio Romero Tellaeche was elected as director after a few months as an interim director, in a process that did not have the support of all the internal organs of the institution, especially that of the professors.

From there, the new administration —hand in hand with Conacyt— has gotten rid of teachers and senior officials who have spoken out against the appointment.

These actions caused the students of the Santa Fe campus in Mexico City to take over the facilities at the end of November and to break out a strike that has not been resolved.

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