Due to the elimination of trusts from the Judiciary, workers should not worry: López Obrador

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In the framework of his morning press conference, the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stated that the workers who work within the Judiciary do not have to worry about the elimination of trusts, since he colloquially stated that, "it is cutting the to those above".

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The president of Mexico communicated the above, prior to knowing whether or not the Legislative Branch will eliminate the trusts of the Judicial Branch in the coming days for the 2024 Budget.

That's why now there is anger and they are misinforming, talking about the Judiciary workers going to be left without their benefits, no. “If the Legislative Branch suspends or cancels these trusts, the workers will not be affected in any way, so that all the workers of the Judicial Branch will know,” he expressed.

About this, The man from Tabasco was emphatic and repeated that the measure will only affect “the privileges of those above.”as he assured that “there can be no rich government with poor people,” so the salaries and benefits of workers will remain intact.

Tell the workers of the Judiciary that they should not worry about anything, that they do not want to confuse them by telling them that they are going to be left without their salaries or benefits, it is with those at the top who have abused a lot, there cannot be a rich government with poor people ", expressed the Tabasco native.

This is known about the extinction of trusts

The Budget Commission of the Chamber of Deputies will approve with 30 votes in favor and 21 against in the previous one, the extinction of 13 of the 14 trusts of the Judicial Branchwhich implies a reduction in its budget of up to 15 billion pesos by 2024.

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