Due to shooting in his native Maine, Stephen King opens intense debate on the use of weapons

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Stephen King, best-selling horror and mystery writer, spoke on his X account about the two shootings that occurred yesterday in Maine, United States, and that left 18 dead. “This doesn't happen in other countries,” he said.

The writer, who is originally from Maine, reacted to the shootings as soon as they became known.

The shootings occurred less than 50 miles from where I live. I went to high school in Lisbon. They're rapid-fire killing machines, people. This is madness in the name of freedom. Stop electing murder apologists,” Steephen King wrote on X’s account of him.

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Hundreds of comments immediately responded to the author's statement. Item. Some users showed the same rejection towards the brutal act of violence, but others responded by defending the legal sale and carrying of weapons in the United States.

"Are you implying that we should disarm the military and not get help for veterans?" @TrueBeefSupreme wrote to King.

Stephen King, in response to the heated discussion between Internet users for and against the legal use of weapons that his publication unleashed, wrote:


However, this inflamed the spirits of those who defended the legal carrying of weapons who They responded aggressively to the writer, some even threatening him.

Finally, King settled the discussion by writing:

They are weapons AND culture.”

The Maine Shooter

The perpetrator of the two shootings was identified by Maine police as 40-year-old Robert Card. It was also revealed that The shooter is a certified instructor in the use of firearms and member of the United States National Guard reserve.

The perpetrator's family has asked him to surrender to the authorities. Ryan Card, the brother of the alleged attacker, sent a statement to the American television network CNN in which he assures that his family "has collaborated with the authorities in every possible way."

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After the shooting, Robert Card managed to flee the area in a car and remains a fugitive.

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