Due to overheating, Apple releases update for its iPhone 15

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Apple today reported that it has released a software update to fix an issue that causes its Latest iPhones overheat.

The new titanium-clad iPhone 15 was unveiled just last month with a custom A17 Pro chip that powers the Pro and Pro Max phones. The Pro line's hardware makes the devices suitable for high-end mobile gaming. One of the most valued features in phones of this price.

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However, shortly after launch consumers complained about poor battery life and overheating. Two of the common problems in iPhones.

The iOS 17 software update includes "important bug fixes, security updates, and addresses an issue that can cause the iPhone to run hotter than expected"said an Apple spokesperson.

According to the company, recent updates to some third-party apps, such as Meta's Instagram and Uber, overload the system, adding that the Pro models do not suffer from overheating due to the design, rather the new titanium casings improve heat dissipation.

Problems on several fronts

In recent weeks, Apple has given the world a lot to talk about. Of course, it grabbed attention with the presentation of its iPhone 15, but even before knowing that the phone overheats Internet users mocked the few changes it presented compared to its previous version.

Additionally, a strike by Apple workers broke out in France demanding better wages. An increase of more than 4 percent was not enough to make the strikers back down.

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Additionally, in France the government took the iPhone 12 out of circulation due to problems exceed the limit values ​​of electromagnetic waves emitted and absorbed by the human bodyaccording to the national frequency agency (ANFR).

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With information from Reuters.


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