Due to heavy rain, Taylor Swift's show scheduled for this Friday was rescheduled

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The Taylor Swift show scheduled for this Friday was moved to Sunday the 12th due to the heavy rains that fall in Buenos Aires (Franco Fafasuli)
The Taylor Swift show scheduled for this Friday was moved to Sunday the 12th due to the heavy rains that fall in Buenos Aires (Franco Fafasuli)

This Friday, November 10, Taylor Swift He planned to perform his second show at the River Stadium, as part of the tour The Eras Tour. But the producer DF Entertainmentin charge of organizing these recitals, announced that due to the strong storm in Buenos Aires, the performance scheduled for today was rescheduled for next Sunday, November 12.

“Due to the adverse weather conditions and prioritizing the safety of the public, the show scheduled for today at River Plate is rescheduled for Sunday the 12th at the same time,” says the statement issued by the production company.

Likewise, they make it clear that “All tickets for Friday's show will remain valid for Sunday's show.”.

The statement on the rescheduling of Taylor Swift's show in Buenos Aires
The statement on the rescheduling of Taylor Swift's show in Buenos Aires

During the afternoon of Friday and when the rain was already a fact, there was speculation about a possible change of schedules that would allow the show to take place normally. However, it was finally decided to move it to next Sunday, a day when according to the forecast for Buenos Aires, it will be a cloudy day with a maximum of 23 degrees.

The Meteorological Service had issued this Friday five weather alerts orange and yellow level due to different phenomena that affect 17 provinces, among which stand out strong storms in the City of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbs. In addition, he reported that the Zonda wind could exceed 85 kilometers per hour (km/h) in the Cuyo region.

“The rains and storms will be accompanied by hail, intense gusts, strong electrical activity and mainly abundant fall of water in short periods, with accumulated precipitation values ​​between 70 and 100 millimeters (mm),” the agency indicated.

The Argentine public left Taylor Swift speechless

On Thursday, Taylor performed her first concert in Buenos Aires on the impressive stage before 70 thousand fans. One of the special moments was when the interpreter stopped being the protagonist and the Argentine public once again showed their passion, leaving forever an unforgettable moment in the artist's life.

Deeply moved, the 33-year-old singer remained paralyzed on the stage: barely able to move and with astonished eyes, she did not stop looking at the people spread out on the stands of the stadium and on the field. Her ovation was total, the exclamations of joy from her followers could be heard even from outside the court, and she, standing with the microphone in her hand, turned to look at them from all angles of the stage.

“I just want to try something very quickly with such an amazing audience, I just want to try something,” He said pointing to all corners of the stadium and receiving even more shouts and applause. “This is surprising, they are making me feel really very powerful”exclaimed the artist.

“They are making me feel like I can play in a full stadium in Argentina for the first time in my life”added and put on a bubblegum pink jacket full of sequins to add, before starting his next topic: “What I'm trying to say is that they're making me feel like I'm the best.”

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