Due to chaos and violence in Chilpancingo, the PRD demands the resignation of Evelyn Salgado and Norma Otilia Hernández

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Mexico.- The National President of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Jesús Zambrano Grijalva, condemned the events that occurred this Monday in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, where at least 3,000 people armed with sticks, stones and machetes confronted elements of the GN and local state forces.

The demonstrators took an armored vehicle with which they broke down the doors of the local Congress and arrived at the Executive Power compound, with the purpose of demanding that the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) release the 2 transporter leaders who were arrested.

“The governance crisis in Guerrero is unsustainable. It has reached such a degree that organized crime has taken the state Congress, the Judiciary and the state police headquarters into their hands. To restore governability, the state governor, Evelyn Salgado, and the municipal president of Chilpancingo, Norma Otilia Hernández, must leave office, ”she emphasized.

Zambrano Grijalva assured that this happens because they agree with organized crime to win elections, and therefore, they are being responsible for what happened in the state of Guerrero. "There is the clear complicity of the Morena governments and the federal government itself in how they do have agreements with criminals and that for this very reason they are demanding that they be fulfilled."

Inhabitants of the municipalities of Chilapa, Quechultenango, Hueycantenango, Acatepec, Atlixtac and Chilpancingo said they would take the Autopista del Sol, after the events that occurred last Saturday where 5 carriers were murdered by the Los Ardillos cartel, the same criminal group with which the Mayor Norma Otilia Hernández.

"They have subjected the country to a narco-government. Given this situation that occurred in Chilpancingo, the Guerrero Education Secretariat (SEG) requested the suspension of classes in the educational system on the Río Azul, Petaquillas, Colotlipa and Chilpancingo route, due to the clashes between the protesters and the GN. This makes it clear to us that the safety of the people of Guerrero is not the priority of the governor and the mayor, where the most affected are the children of these communities. Guerrero needs to reestablish security and governability and for that, we demand the resignation of the governor and the mayoress”, specified the PRD leader Jesús Zambrano.

With information from the PRD

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