Dozens of highways are still blocked by strike in Guatemala | News

The strike carried out by Guatemalan carriers continues and more than 17 highway points in the nation continue to be blocked due to protests against the payment of insurance for damages to third parties.


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The demonstrations that began on Monday continue on Tuesday and according to local media reports, there were points where the passage of the road could not be normalized even at night.

Carriers continue to demand that the government headed by Alejandro Giammattei repeal the law that requires them to purchase third-party damage insurance.

Looking for a short-term solution or at least to stop the strike, Giammanttei had the legislation extended so that it would be applied six months after the previous extension regarding the Government Agreement 9 – 2022, with which it is reformed on 17 – 2020, laws that establish the obligation to contract civil insurance against damages to third parties in urban collective transport and cargo.

With the extension established by the Government, the legislation would enter into force for the month of August 2022.

It is important to mention that in Guatemala about 17 private companies are engaged in the insurance business (some belonging to private banks) in more than a dozen typifications, including civil liability for damages to third parties that has caused the strike.