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Francisco Garfias.

While President Joe Biden broke his promise to “not build another meter” of the wall on the border with Mexico, a high-level delegation from the United States held talks in the capital of the Republic about security, migration, fentanyl, arms trafficking...

Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State; Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, and Attorney General Merrick Garland, did not find the best environment to speak with their Mexican interlocutors.

Shortly before the three mentioned officials met with AMLO, it became known about the expansion of the Wall. In a first reaction, the president blamed “Republican fanatics” for engaging in “politicking” with the thorny issue.

He said in the morning: “This authorization for the construction of the wall is a setback, because that does not solve the problem. "We must address the causes."

The tone changed in the 58-second speech he later gave to the American delegation:

“We care a lot about this communication, this relationship of understanding and friendship, we are doing very well and I believe that we, both countries, will be able to face our problems.”

The chancellor, Alicia Bárcena, reminded the visitors that the Mexican government is absolutely reluctant to have walls, although she gave credence to the visitors' version. “We had no choice,” said Mayokas, assuring that those resources were already available. They had been assigned since the Trump era and are legally destined for that task.


The White House announcement does not contain a strange coincidence. The suspicious They see an electoral fund. The issue of combating illegal immigration sells electorally.

Republicans have monopolized it as a campaign and government issue for decades. Biden has aspirations of being re-elected and the issue is hot.

The US southern border is in the midst of a migration crisis. The Border Patrol reported 300 thousand arrests of wetbacks (wetbacks) in the Río Bravo Valley, between October 2022 and August 2023. Illegal crossings, we see every day, are massive.

We searched CNN for information about it. We find that Biden is the first Democratic president to authorize the expansion of the wall.

The measure that brings to mind the time of “Distant Neighbors”, masterfully described in the book by Alan Riding, then a correspondent for the New York Times, which bears that title.

President George Bush (1989-1993) began construction of the Wall. His son George W. Bush (2001-2009) expanded it. But the greatest stretch was made during the time of Donald Trump (2017-2021.)

The wall covers 1,100 kilometers of the 3,100 kilometers of the border with the United States. Biden is going to add 32 kilometers in Texas.


Fight between powers at the door?

The instruction of the Supreme Court of Justice to the Senate to elect, in this period of sessions, the three commissioners that are missing from the plenary session of the INAI, followed the feint of Ana Lilia Rivera, president of the board of directors of the Upper House.

The senator values ​​the possibility of exercising the power that the Constitution confers on her and demanding that the highest court resolve matters that are overdue.

Which is it? The resolution of the Republican Austerity Law, “because they have waited so many years to resolve it” and the issue of major tax evaders.

“The Senate has the obligation to comply with the powers that the Constitution confers on it, among which is the appointment of different authorities.

“However, the fulfillment of these duties is complex and does not depend on the will of one person, nor on a single political force,” he said.

She previously told an episode that marked her when she was just a law intern. A conflict between ejidatarios in Tlaxcala willing to kill each other for land ownership.

“I had to experience up close the good politics of a wise man who, luckily for me, I have met here: the senator, at that time governor (of Tlaxcala), José Antonio Álvarez Lima.

“He saw that all the farmers in my community were represented by his servant, who did not have much experience, but was the only lawyer they had been able to pay. And they didn't pay, but she advised them.

“And then today's senator decided to pay for the legal defense of the unprotected, which was the ejido with which I went. And I had to live the good politics of a wise man, José Antonio Alvarez Lima.

“Given the threat of deaths in both towns, he had the ability to dialogue and stop a conflict that was inevitable. That also marked my life. Politics does serve to solve problems,” he pointed out.


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