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Marvel's Spider-Man 2from Insomniac Games and exclusive to PlayStation, has the fascinating task of following the fantasies of two superheroes full of excitement, adventure and action. Double the bet for this game is hard work, but Jacinda Chew, Senior Art Director of this title, has managed, together with the entire creative team, to take us to that New York that many love.

People love taking pictures in all areas of New York. Now imagine that you now do it with Spider-Man, with all those different suits that we have created for him. Building that experience for the player is also the other function of art, so people want to participate more in the game,” explains Chew.

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Compared with the previous delivery, this game is twice as big on map. So now we have a Brooklyn and Queens and even the city of Manhattan, and that will be immediately apparent to the player. “The nice thing is that it really contrasts with a place like Manhattan that appeared in the first game, which has a lot of skyscrapers. But Brooklyn and Queens are, you know, much lower, and the types of buildings and businesses you see are very different than what you see in Manhattan. Brooklyn is where he was born Miles Moralesso you could see iconic Marvel locations like Brooklyn Visions Academy.

Peter Parker is from Queens and you can see his childhood home with Aunt May. You can immediately see that there is a big difference in square footage. But for us also, from a visual point of view, the other big difference in creating the city is using the power of the PlayStation 5. Now you can navigate through different areas and see it from different points. We have ray tracing-like reflections even in water, it's like a big step forward for us. It feels different,” Chew explains.

It is worth noting that despite new technologies, Artificial Intelligence was not used in their work.


  • Platform: PlayStation 5
  • Genres: Fighting game, Platform game, Action and adventure game
  • Developer: Insomniac Games
  • Distributor: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Mode: Single player video game


Spider-Man is the hero of many children, and in this game parents can trust that there will be nothing to worry about.

One of the reasons Spider-Man is such a beloved character is that the best stories come when you see the world of Peter Parker or Miles Morales collide with the hero. You know, Miles is trying to finish school. He wants to find out what his goals are in his life. All of his friends seem to know what they want to do, but he doesn't. And then his mother, who is now starting to date, is starting to get on Miles' nerves because she's worried that his father will be replaced.

And then Peter is trying to pay off his mortgage and not sell his house, spending more time on his son because he worries too much about his son. He is trying to find out what his future job and life is. That kind of thing is very relatable, even for kids, especially for a younger character like Miles Morales, where they can relate to school, to the pressures of having friends and trying to figure out what you want to do. Mixing it with our games leads people to be more optimistic and hopeful. “We want to show the love of friendship, the love of all relationships.”


For Chew, creating this game has been a great experience because many of those who worked on the previous one are present in the new installment. “Whether it's the creative director, the game director or all the artists, designers, programmers, animators, many of them are the same. So we are allowed to do better. Basically, we took everything we couldn't fit into the first game and put it in the second.

I think that personally, as I said, as a woman who belongs to a minority, I can also express my point of view. So, a lot of times I say, 'God, we should have more ethnic diversity here, we should have more body diversity.' I think it's a subtle thing, right? I can put a lot of this into the game footage and people may not know exactly what I'm doing, but I feel like they feel very included, because I see that a lot when I listen to people, when they watch the game they go, oh , did you see that side where they speak another language?!

It's golden to be very inclusive, and it's very important to have a lot of people from different backgrounds working on the project to add that voice to the game, so the future will only get brighter,” adds Chew.

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