Dominican teachers protest salary increase | News


The Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) will begin demonstrations this Friday to demand a salary increase of 25 percent amid complaints about the increase in inflation in the Caribbean country.


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The general secretary of the association, Rafael Canelo, stated that the teachers will demonstrate to achieve an adequate salary adjustment in the face of the growing inflation of the Dominican economy.

At the same time, Canelo argued that educators are outraged at the authorities’ refusal to grant a salary increase since 2017. At that time, the Ministry of Education set a monthly payment of 46 thousand pesos.

The leader added that the demands not only go back to an economic field, but also request that there be an evaluation for the teaching exercise of retirees and pensioners, as well as increase the level of the study programs for primary and secondary education.

On the other hand, the executive director of the Business Action for Education, Darwin Caraballo, stated that the ADP is not taking into account the isolation by other subjects of education due to the loss of school days.

In this sense, Caraballo expressed that: “The ADP promised not to miss a single day of class and it is a worrying situation because it will end up leaving the majority teachers’ union alone, which represents educators less and less.”

However, the ADP has argued that the lost school hours can be recovered in the coming weeks, but it is important that the teachers claim their rights to improve the educational situation in the country.

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