Dominican Republic continues with deportations of Haitians | News

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Despite the economic, social and political crisis facing Haiti, around a hundred undocumented Haitian migrants were detained in the last few hours at various points in the eastern Dominican Republic and face the risk of deportation.


Five new cases of cholera reported in the Dominican Republic

The regional immigration supervisor, José Bienvenido, confirmed to local media that the migrants were detained in areas such as Bávaro, Higüey, Bayahíbe, Nisibon, Verón and La Romana.

He specified that 11 teams of civilian and military personnel were involved in the Migration operations, which used trucks to transport the detainees to centers from where they would later travel to the border.

According to the Support Group for Refugees and Returnees (GARR), a total of 26,916 Haitian nationals were deported to this country last January.

According to the Haitian non-governmental organization, the forced returns were made through official and unofficial border points. He specified that among those returned there were 2,566 minors and 245 pregnant women.

The GARR explained that in the Dominican Republic migrants face various types of abuses and violations of their rights, regardless of whether they are children or pregnant. Among the most frequent, he cites the separation of families, the detention of Haitians in any circumstance, the return of children without the presence of their parents or another relative, and the detention of minors in hospitals or on the streets.

According to GARR, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on the repatriation mechanism with full respect for the rights of Haitian citizens, but it is not fulfilled. In addition, he regretted that the Haitian government does not condemn these violations.

Haitian trafficking mafia dismantled

This Wednesday an operation to dismantle a criminal network dedicated to the illegal trafficking of Haitians continued in the Dominican Republic. Police agents carried out 16 simultaneous raids in the provinces of Monte Cristi and DajabĂłn. As a result, "15 targets were apprehended and 25 people of Haitian nationality were approached, among whom four minors were rescued," the Police said in a statement.

Various vehicles were also seized: 27 cell phones, portable PCs, electronic tablets, two firearms, three bladed weapons, 102,800 Dominican pesos (about $1,845), 3,550 Haitian gourdes (about $24) and $2,618.

The previous investigation made it possible to identify members of the mafia network, which charges Haitian immigrants between 4,500 and 8,000 pesos (between 80 and 143 dollars) to cross them into Quisqueya. The operation began last Sunday, when five Army soldiers and nine civilians involved in the lucrative business were arrested.

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