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Various parties in the Dominican Republic made their presidential candidates official this Sunday for the elections that will take place in May 2024.


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The candidate Abel MartĂ­nez was selected as the representative of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), who currently serves as mayor of Santiago (capital).

Likewise, MartĂ­nez was proclaimed by the former head of state and president of the PLD, Danilo Medina, in an event at the Santo Domingo Volleyball Pavilion, a year after winning the popular consultation called by that organization to elect its presidential candidate. .

In his speech, the presidential candidate stated that the country “cannot stand any more deceptions, lies, unfulfilled promises,” while emphasizing that it will take “a true transformation.”

He also stressed that "a transformation is necessary to bring order to the collapse of public services, high prices, crime...", while asserting that this requires "the sum of wills."

Meanwhile, the Civic Renewal Party (PCR) chose the country's current president, Luis Abinader, as its presidential candidate in the next 2024 elections.

President Luis Abinader said after his swearing-in that “we are going to form a great front of allied parties to continue the change in the Dominican Republic.”

This Sunday, former president Leonel Fernández was also selected as a presidential candidate by the Social Democratic Opposition Bloc (BIS), whose national convention met at the Wholesalers Association club.

When addressing the national situation, the political leader criticized the lack of attention by the current Government to the education and health sectors. He expressed concerns regarding children's insufficient learning, high rates of infant and maternal mortality, and the danger of collapse of the hospital network due to the increase in dengue cases.

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