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The Union of Workers of the Cerro Maimón Mine, in the Dominican Republic, will maintain its strike, according to an announcement this Thursday, after the failure of the dialogues with the Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom).


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Three days ago, the miners' union halted work to demand that the company pay the bonus as stipulated. However, after seven hours of meeting with the assistance of the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel de Camps, they did not reach any agreement.

The parties were unable to bring their positions closer together and the Cormidom executives asked for time to consult their superiors, established in Australia.

Meanwhile, the president of the National Confederation of Trade Union Unity (CNUS), Rafael -Pepe-Abreu, the trade union to which the union belongs, explained that the negotiations advanced but were not enough to comply with the workers, who demanded higher pay to who earn less, but the company claimed not to have resources.

From the CNUS union they explained that the company, instead of promoting a solution, proceeded to empower the labor court of the province of Monseñor Nouel (center), where the sinkhole is, to authorize a dismissal.

He explained that this action by Cormidom has further inflamed the miners' spirits of struggle and warned that if a mass dismissal is carried out, the conflict could be radicalized.

For its part, the Dominican Republic Mining and Petroleum Chamber (Camipe) expressed its concern about the situation affecting the Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom), whose operations have been halted for five days due to a strike by the Union of Workers of the Cerro de Maimon Mine (Sitracema).

In short, Camipe called on the Government and the competent authorities to persist in mediating in this situation, in order to safeguard what they called the good investment climate that the Dominican Republic has.

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