Dominican government and teachers agree to reopen schools | News


The Dominican Association of Teachers and the Ministry of Education of that country agreed on Tuesday to reopen schools and continue with the teaching plans that are forged by the National Executive.


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After starting a dialogue table to listen to the differences of the teachers, both parties agreed to reactivate face-to-face classes and strengthen biosecurity measures for workers and students in the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the biosecurity measures is the continuation of vaccination campaigns in educational establishments, as well as the delivery of materials to prevent the pandemic and the rigorous application of the protocol against the virus.

“The Dominican Association of Teachers will join the Joint Technical Table between the Ministries of Education and Health to permanently monitor the evolution of the pandemic and application of the biosafety protocol,” details the statement from both parties.

Both the Teachers’ Association and officials from the Ministry of Education also agreed to maintain communication channels, this comes after low attendance at schools in the face of uncertainty over the handling of the country’s pandemic.

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