Dollar against the Mexican peso: the price of the dollar in positive this April 27


The dollar continues to advance against the Mexican peso.

Photo: TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images

The dollar continues its positive exchange day against its peer, the Mexican peso. Not only does it remain above the barrier of 20, but it is close to 21 pesos per dollar. The price of the dollar against the Mexican peso at the beginning of the day was already at 20.36 pesos per dollar unit.

at the bank window, the dollar for the purchase has a price of 20.13 pesos per unit. And for sale the dollar is quoted at 20.60 pesos per unit.

For the Mexican peso, it began with a depreciation of 0.17%. That the US currency remains positive after several days is due to “risk aversion in global markets.” The consequences of the Covid pandemic, the confinement in China due to a new coronavirus outbreak and the war between Russia and Ukraine continue to generate concerns in the markets. Also this week, new economic data will be published in the United States.

For May the Fed is expected to announce a more aggressive tightening to deal with inflation, which translates into an increase in the central bank’s interest rate by 50 points. This expectation influences the appreciation of the dollar.

The price of the dollar in the Mexican market varies during the day and continues to trend upwards, you can follow it in real time. You can also compare prices to find the best rate for your remittance.

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