Dog refuses to hand over his owner's wallet and goes viral

Dog refuses to hand over his owner's wallet and goes
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A video showing a dog named Munni refusing to hand over his owner's wallet has sparked an online debate about proper dog training. The Instagram account @_munni_indap shared this fun moment starring Munnian independent dog that steals the hearts of social media users.

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In the video, Munni shows his skills as a "VIP goalkeeper" by showing his teeth and hiss at those who try to persuade her to hand over the wallet she has between her front paws. Although Munni is a little possessive at first, she eventually allows a man to take the wallet. The title of the video describes it as: "Munni guarding dad's wallet like a bouncer at a VIP club. Only dad is on the guest list!"

Since being posted on November 6, the video has racked up thousands of likes. Although many found it adorable, some pointed out that the dog's behavior could be interpreted as "resource guarding," where the dog becomes aggressively possessive of an object.

The comments on the clip reflected diverse opinions. Some expressed concern about Munni's behavior, noting that these types of attitudes could lead to more serious problems in the future. It was suggested to address and correct this behavior through appropriate training to avoid possible incidents.

"Resource guarding," according to The Humane Society of the United States, is a behavior in which a dog asserts ownership over objects, toys, treats, or even people. Signs of this behavior include growling, ears back, lip licking, body rigidity, and hyper fixation on an object.


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