Dog is abandoned on the street, but is adopted seconds later

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Thanks to social networks we have witnessed many extremely emotional videos about little animals that find a new home when they are adopted. However, there are also many cases in which some people choose to get rid of them as if they were anything, leaving them to their fate.

This story has these two nuances since a man who was in his apartment located on what appears to be a fourth floor, recorded the exact moment in which a van with many passengers on board left a puppy in the middle of the street.

The moment occurred at night and after the little dog followed his people for a few metersthe truck drove away and left him helpless and confused, dodging the cars that passed inches away from him.

Abandoned dog is adopted

But it wasn't all bad as our canine friend went from abandonment to finding a new family in a matter of seconds. It turns out that the man who documented the abandonment did not sit idly by and He decided to go down from his building and pick up the dog. and take him to his apartment, which would be his new home.

This man (about whom we do not know more information) introduced this new member of his family to his dog that he already had. In a matter of a few seconds, this new puppy mated to his new colleagues.

Of course, this video began to go viral on social networks, being taken up by some pages dedicated to pets. It was there, where many Internet users did not stop praising and thanking this kind-hearted man for not leaving the puppy helpless.

"Whoever adopted him and saved him from dying will receive blessings. Those who abandoned him, karma will make them pay in the worst way, that's for sure", "the contrast of the situations", "what indignation I felt, but I quickly regained faith in humanity".

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