Does Sergio Andrade want to contact Maryfer Centeno? The graphologist exposes alarming messages

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The graphologist receives messages from supposed people close to the producer

Maryfer Centeno is involved in controversy once again for exposing handwriting and body language analyzes of celebrities on her social networks. According to her, she said in a broadcast of Youtubewhen he began to dissect interviews and public appearances of Gloria Trevi or other victims of Sergio Andrade when they were part of the minor corruption network, he began to receive messages from supposed people close to the producer.

“This is very strange. In fact, (people) have been writing to me who are on behalf of Sergio Andrade, so please come forward, because I don't have... If Sergio Andrade has the intention of telling me something, then he should write to me” Centeno commented in a broadcast on social networks in response to several messages related to Trevi's former manager.

The Hoy collaborator does not know if messages like “Why don't I see Sergio Andrade?” They come from people close to the producer, but he left her channels open so that the arranger can also contact her if he wishes.

The graphologist exposes strange messages in her transmissions Credit: (YouTube: Maryfer Centeno)

“Sergio Andrade is apparently looking for me, which I do not believe, nor do I have the slightest interest in, evidently he is a person who is out of touch with reality.”

Without further ado, the graphologist continued with her body language analysis of an interview that Gloria Trevi, María Raquenel Portillo “Mary Boquitas” and Sergio Andrade gave to international media when they were detained in Brazil.

Days before the graphologist exposed the alarming messages she constantly receives on social networks, she exposed a message she received from Gloria Trevi. Thanks to this it is known that the interpreter of Dressed in sugar, Medusa and You didn't want to hurt me He saw some analysis of the letters he wrote to Sergio Andrade when he lived with him.

Gloria Trevi wrote a letter in 1994; Now Maryfer Centeno analyzed it (Photo: File)
Gloria Trevi wrote a letter in 1994; Now Maryfer Centeno analyzed it (Photo: File)

“We don't know each other, I only saw your study on my handwriting from years ago... but I identify with your love for your child, thank you and have faith,” he wrote.

Apparently, on that occasion Gloria Trevi decided to appear in the comments section of a video to show solidarity with Maryfer Centeno in the face of the health problems that her dog went through before dying.

“That he took the trouble, the time to tell me 'I identify' for me is a gift of life, it is important. I value every show of love, every hug they give me on the street, I swear that after this I feel like I have become a more compassionate person,” Centeno responded.

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