'does not offer competition to Verstappen'

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The voices against continue Sergio 'Checo' Pérez. Now, Ross Brawn, former head of Mercedes in Formula One, demeaned the Mexican's level by pointing out that he does not offer competition to Max Verstappen despite having a good car at Red Bull.

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“What I want to see, frankly, is someone more competitive in the other car because, unfortunately, Sergio ('Checo' Pérez) doesn't offer much competition to Max. "Even when you have a dominant car, if you can get someone in the other car who is giving them a hard time and we think about (Nico) Rosberg and (Lewis) Hamilton, that was a great year where Mercedes dominated," he said. Ross Brawn for TalkSport.

The British engineer predicted a more competitive 2024 season and considered that the McLaren drivers are already giving signs of what is to come. That is why Red Bull should have a competitive duo.

"Although they are dominating at the moment, you will see it over time. We are seeing few signs. I mean McLaren with Lando Norris and occasionally with Oscar Piastri. They are knocking on the door... Keeping them honest, in other words. I'm "I am optimistic that there will be a restart during this winter. When you are in charge, you have the advantage of being able to start the design of your new car earlier and that is when that dominance can sometimes last several years," he mentioned.

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Max Verstappen has clearly dominated the 2023 F1 season. He won his three-time championship and has an advantage of 266 points over 'Checo' Pérez.

The man from Guadalajara competes for the runner-up position in the Drivers' World Championship with Lewis Hamilton, with whom he has a lead of 32 points.


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