Does Mariana Boy resign from PAOT CDMX? Martí Batres talks about it

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The head of Government, Martí Batres, ruled out asking for resignation of the head of the Environmental and Territorial Planning Attorney's Office, Mariana Boy Tamborrell, one of the four candidates seeking candidacy for Brunette to the Committees for the Defense of Transformation in Mexico Cityheading towards the 2024 election.

At a press conference, Batres Guadarrama pointed out that the Morena internal call in Mexico Cityallows those who seek to head the Transformation Defense Committees to campaign, without leaving office, he assured.

Strictly speaking, the call allows her to register without resigning from her position; but, anyway, I want to talk to her,” said Batres Guadarrama.

Last Friday Martí Batres He announced that he would look for Mariana Boy to talk about his candidacy in the internal process of Morena CDMXafter the official announced that she will campaign during non-working hours and that she will not resign from the PAOT.

Meeting with Mariana Boy has not taken place

Until this Tuesday, said meeting has not taken place due to agenda issuesexpressed the capital president.

He indicated that the last communication with the head of the PAOT It was last week, via WhatsApp, where Boy Tamborrell informed him that he would sign up for Morena's internal process.

We wrote to each other on WhatsApp and we agreed to meet to talk, she immediately had the attention to tell me when this was going to happen, and I already responded that we were talking, so, we haven't talked yet, but we are going to talk," explained the owner of the Local executive.

Likewise, Martí Batres indicated that Mariana Boy must be aware that public resources cannot be used in no case, in favor of anyone.

I believe that she is perfectly aware, she is a good person, she is an honest person and she is quite a professional person,” Batres concluded.


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